BRIAN LOOKER - Contemporary  Wildlife Artist

  'Art which  conveys repect for our fragile environments'

Brian lives in the tranquil Huon Valley in Southern Tasmania.  An area of changing seasonal beauty and described as  "A valley of sunshine and mists, of fruitful orchards and rich soil, of riverside settlements and towns on the forest fringe, the Huon is a valley of surprises".  Gateway to Tasmania's iconic South West Wilderness, its the perfect place for creativity and inspiration. 

Brian's art studio and gallery the 'beak + whisker' is open to visitors  November - May

Welcome and thanks for visiting the website showcasing the art of Contemporary Wildlife Artist Brian Looker.  His passion for conservation and nature are the compelling inspirations for his work. 

Brian's art communicates the complex linkages between nature and humanity, offering a strong narrative of environmental issues, conservation, sustainability, biodiversity and threatened habitats. 

His works are expressive and emotive and acknowledge there are no easy solutions,  Through his art he encourages thought and discussion, whilst conveying a sense of hope and belief in the future.

An Awarded artist Brian is a regular exhibitor in Selected and Open Group Exhibitions in Australia and New Zealand.